Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start with FolioFusion?

You start with a free account. You can create any number of websites with all features and functionalities. You have to upgrade to Premium License only if you need to connect your custom domain to a website . We have prepared a video guide for you to have a basic understanding of FolioFusion Live Builder and workflow, please check it here.

What kind of websites can I create?

With FolioFusion you can create any type of websites, including but not limited to creative portfolio, photographer's gallery, personal websites, artist pages, online profiles, business websites, single page websites, app pages, landing pages, campaign websites, online stores, journal pages and any website you can ever imagine.

Can I see some example websites created with FolioFusion?

Yes, surely. Currently we have curated some nice websites created with FolioFusion, you can see these website and explore live preview in our Website Showcase.

Should I purchase another web hosting?

Never. FolioFusion is a hosted system (you don't have to purchase another web hosting for your website) comes with unlimited bandwidth & storage space powered by industry's best cloud servers from Google and AWS.

'Unlimited Hosting Included' - Is it really unlimited?

Yes, FolioFusion Premium Users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. Free users have FUP limited bandwidth.

'No Credit Card Needed' - Is it true?

Yes, of course. All users start with a free account which allows creation of unlimited number of websites. So we do NOT request your credit card if you don't plan to get a premium license.

What is meant by '5 Days Money Back Guaranteed'?

All of our Premium Licenses comes with '5 Days Money Back Guaranteed' when you purchase annual billing subscription. You can enjoy premium all features for first 5 days. During this period, If you don't like FolioFusion, we will refund the full amount to you without asking any further questions. That's our guarantee. More information about this, please visit our website.

How many websites can I create?

You can create unlimited number of websites under Free License! You can upgrade any website to Premium License if you need to connect a domain name. By default, our basic Premium Plan (Personal License) permits you to connect custom domain to a single website. But if you need to upgrade multiple websites and connect each of them to custom domain, we have multi-website / volume licensing options.

Okay, what are the types of Premium Licenses you provide? 

FolioFusion offers different types of Premium Licenses. We distinguish licenses based on total number of premium websites permitted within each license. For complete details about various Premium Licenses, please see this web page.


How can I manage my created website?

You can create whole websites, edit & manage content, upload images & media, and finally publish under your own domain name. FolioFusion features Live Builder - a highly interactive website builder system and a very user-friendly CMS integrated into it.

Can I Change The Template After Creating My Website?

Unfortunately switching between templates is not possible for published websites because each FolioFusion template is highly unique and differently designed than another template. Moreover this solves further complexities when platform architecture and efficiency is considered.

But you can always modify any existing website by adding / removing FusionBlocks as per your requirements. Customizing an existing website is very easy - you have to just drag & drop sections and blocks.

Moreover, there is a solution if you need to redesign your existing website entirely from scratch, please read the next section.

Can I rebuild my website from scratch? 

Even though you can't simply switch between templates in a published website, there is a solution if you need to redesign your existing website entirely from scratch, you can do it by following these steps:

  • Create a new website under your account,
  • Choose any template and setup the content as you like
  • Publish it as a free website and note down the free URL
  • Simply write to us to [email protected] mentioning the free URL of newly published website.

Once we receive your request we will do the following:

  • We will connect your existing domain name to your newly created website. (The website will work instantly, there is no technical delay as your domain is already pointing to our servers)
  • We will deactivate your previous website and by making manual adjustments to your license (We will assign your existing license for newly created website. There will not be any additional costs involved.)


Can I connect my website to a custom domain name?

Yes, of course. Our premium license allows you to connect your custom domain to created website. This is our top premium feature that can be easily activated within your dashboard. We have prepared a video guide for you to have a basic understanding of FolioFusion Live Builder and workflow, please check it here.

If I buy Premium License, is there anything else I should buy to operate FolioFusion?

No. FolioFusion is a hosted system powered by fully-managed cloud servers from AWS and Google. Apart from your custom domain name (if you don't own one already) there is nothing more to be purchased from us or anywhere else if you have a Premium License.

Should I pay anything for activating SSL on my website?

No. You don't have to pay anything extra to activate SSL on your website having Premium License. SSL included free of charge and available automatically for all websites created under FolioFusion platform.

Do you provide any custom / branded email accounts?

Yes. We will provide you a customized email addresses if you purchase the domain from us. You can get email address as '[email protected]'.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. We have kept our plans most affordable and transparent as our prime users are freelancers, creatives, photographers and artists. You don't have to pay anything more than what is advertised on our pricing page.

What if I don't need a domain name?

No problem. You can use free license to publish your websites under free FolioFusion URL and your website will be accessible instantly. It is free forever, you don't have to pay anything. Please note: Free websites are having FUP associated with them in order to prevent misuse of our resources.

Can I create an online store?

Yes of course. You can sell anything just by adding a price to any item - and you got an online store with professional credit-card checkout, analytics & management console powered by Stripe.

Can I use Live Builder on mobile devices?

Right now FolioFusion Live Builder loads as 'Desktop Website' view on mobile devices, this is similar to what you get when you request desktop website from mobile browser. Sp technically you can use it, but practically you better not use as it will strain your eyes if you don't have a desktop / laptop screen to mirror your mobile device.

You know, it is not possible to represent all these functionalities and such a vast features & options on a small device screen without rebuilding everything efficiently within a dedicated mobile app. At the moment we don't have a mobile app yet as our focus is on improving the web app and adding more features. But we will release a mobile app in future as we grow and grab some good chunk of mobile users.

Should I know coding to create websites?

No. You don't have to know anything about coding. You just click to edit content, change styling and move sections. Our system will do the magic.

What if i am not a designer?

No worries. Anyone can create nice looking websites with FolioFusion's beautiful templates and preset components.

I know coding. Can I add custom code to my website?

Yes. FolioFusion allows custom code sections that you can edit HTML, CSS and JS and embed any code as you like. Also, you can insert custom code on HEAD portion of any web page you publish.

What are the security features provided?

We provide commercial SSL certificate included without any additional charge that let your website have secure connection with server. (Nowadays SSL is seriously recommended by Google). You can set password protection for any web page. You can protect images by 'disabling right click'.

What about SEO & web standards?

You get a full SEO control for your web content. FolioFusion creates nicely structured markup that makes sure your site loads fast. Your site is optimized for Google crawlers and bots. You can set page meta information for each page easily within dashboard.

What kind of websites are permitted on FolioFusion?

You can create any type of website that does not cause harm to anyone. We strictly do NOT allow websites promoting human trafficking, prohibited drugs, child pornography, cruelty against children and / or animals. Moreoever, we do NOT allow file sharing websites, embedded video streaming and websites with unethical intentions and / or harmful code. We periodically check our servers for such websites and if we detect something not cool, we will take down the website without sending further notice to the owners. If any authority asks us to take down any website by applicable law, we will do it with immediate effect, thereafter sending a notice to the owners if necessary.

Do you offer any discounts for students?

Yes, 50% discount! We know how important it is to learn cool things and showcase your story. Just write to us from your school email id.

Do you provide custom website / template creation services?

Yes, it is our profession and we can customize your website to any level as required for a fair price. Simply write to us and we will get back to you with a nice quote.