Password Protection & Image Download Protection

Password Protected Web Pages

You can protect any web pages by setting a password and thereby restrict the contents from public view. Password protection works with any web page you create in FolioFusion. If you set a password to Home Page it will act as a password protected website, simple.

In order to set password protection on a web page, please go to master page settings, and then click on 'Access' option. You can set a password there and it is done.

Please note, a password protected web page will not be having any SEO benefits as page is restricted from public viewing. We recommend you to set password protection only if you want to protect a specific page, not the entire website.

Disable Image Download

This is a very well used feature, specially when Photography websites are concerned. You can prevent right click download of any image present within your Gallery / Project FusionBlocks by accessing it's settings (as explained earlier) and selecting Pro Settings -> Image Download Disable, as shown below: