Simple Blog / Journal Integration

FolioFusion blog system is very powerful that you can create and manage any kind of content oriented websites and blogs very easily. FYI, our Knowledge Base website (this website) and Official Blog is created and managed via FolioFusion Blog engine. Yes, that is our best example for you.


Adding Blog to any Website:

You can add blog to any website by adding Blog FusionBlock. Simply add Blog layout you prefer to and the system will load demo posts in your target page. You can either edit from the demo posts on create entirely new blog posts as you like. The system will display them prefectly as your Blog layout settings.


Creating and Editing a Blog Post / Article Page

Once you have a blog listing ready in your page, the system will generate post / article related to each listing automatically. You can edit the post by clicking on 'Read More' or 'View Post' button, the system will create and load it's relevant post / article page. You can edit article page as separate page, you can perform all common operations on Post page as usual.