YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Custom Code Integration

Adding a Video:

Adding video is same as adding a Basic FusionBlock, but you have to chose video block from the selection panel, shown below. A selection of elements for you to add will show up: choose the one with the video icon. A default video will appear in the FusionBlock. Please see a screenshot:


To change the video, click on it and a menu will pop up.Click Edit Video, and paste a link from YouTube or Vimeo into the box. Make sure the link looks like this:

You can set the video to autoplay, change its size, mute it and make it loop.
Once you’re done, click Save to return to editing mode.


Adding SoundCloud (and any Custom Media via RAW Embedding)

SoundCloud and any other custom media can be embedded directly to HTML with the help of RAW element FusionBlock. You can add a RAW element the same way you added Video element, but selecting the 'Raw' block as shown below:


A sample RAW section will be created in your website where you can add HTML, CSS and JavaScript to your pages. A screenshot given below:


Click on the element stripe and select Edit Raw, you can see a panel where you can add your code, save / update it. Screenshot givens below.