Adjusting Visual Properties & Styling Options

All FusionBlocks permit modification of their visual properties as much as your requirement demands. Basic FusionBlocks permits changing the visual properties meant for their essential purpose. For example, the basic text element has all essential properties that can be controlled as shown below:



Advanced Fusion Blocks allows you to control their visual properties as well as additional options by clicking 'Gear' icon (see below) found on right most side of the FusionBlock, please see an example below, Slideshow settings are displayed for a relevant FusionBlock here:


Manage option lets you organize the internal components of a section. For example, you can manage slides inside a Slideshow. You can manage Blog Posts inside a Blog. You can manage Products inside a Store. You can perform all common functions such as adding, removing, duplicating, re-positioning etc. Please create a live website to see it in real.


This area provides basic settings for displayed elements. You can see all essential controls including text manipulation, text direction, image settings, image filters, layout options, height parameters and more (varies with the type of FusionBlocks loaded) for each elements.


You can control various effects and animations applicable to the elements.These controls are self explanatory, kindly create a free live website for experiencing everything.

Most of the advanced settings are self explanatory, except Pro Settings which is explained in another article.