How do I redirect http website to https?

Forcing HTTPS for all visitors on your website connected with a custom domain:

Even if SSL is active on your website, your website visitors can access the non-SSL web pages if they type URL with http:// (instead of https://). So we recommend you to force https:// for all visitors by creating an automatic redirection from http to https for all visitors, please add the code (given below) to your site’s Head-tag (You can do so through: Website Settings> Head Tag)

<script language="JavaScript">

if(window.location.protocol != 'https:'){ location.href = location.href.replace("http://", "https://www."); }


(If any other code is present there, simply append the new code after the existing one). Once it is added, save it and publish the website.

How to locate Head Tag?

Step 1: Open Website Settings found on the left side panel. Click on 'Head Code':

Step 2: Append the code (mentioned above), as shown below, save it and publish the website.