Upgrading a Website with Personal License (Single Website)

FoloFusion has a well-defined 2 step procedure to safe-guard license generation, verification and secure payment processing. To explain it better, we have prepared a video guide covering the whole procedure for new license purchasing and activation, kindly check this video.
Once you have loaded the website in Live Builder and you are ready to publish it under your custom domain, go to Publish Settings within your website still loaded in Editor.  Within publishing settings you can see our Upgrade option (please see attached screenshot). Click on this option and you will prompted to License & Payments page.

Step 1: Buying a License

Click on the 'BUY NEW LICENSE' button you will be directed to our License selection page. Select a Personal License (Single Website license) and proceed 'Purchase' from there. You will be directed to the purchase area where you can make a Secure Payment to buy license. Wait for the procedure to be completed, you can immediately see a purchase confirmation window (on left side of the same page) showing your 'License Key'. You will also get an email containing this key. Please note down this key or copy/paste it to a note pad on your computer (it is needed for activation, explained in Step 2 given below).

You have to activate the license immediately after purchasing it and this should be done within same web page and session. You should NOT reload or click back button once you are in payment & activation page. This is to safeguard your purchase & license processing.

Step 2: Activating the License

Once you have obtained the license key, you have to activate it immediately to enable it in registered our servers. This is a very important procedure, failing to do so may cause your key to be expired / invalid. In order to activate the key, simply enter / paste it in the 'License Key' text field and click on Activate. Once verified, the key will be activated and your website will be upgraded to premium, you will be automatically redirected to your website's Live Builder editor view.

Please note: If you have purchased a new multi-website license, activating your license key upgrades the active website you are trying to upgrade. You will have the remaining number websites available within your license key - it will be also displayed in the confirmation message when you complete activation. Moreover, you can check the validity and pending website slot by verifying your license anytime via this web page.