Billing Cycles, Cancellation & Refund - Explained

If you purchase FolioFusion Premium license, you are actually subscribing to either of these:
  • Annual Billing -  Payment recurring each year.
  • Monthly Billing - Payment recurring every month.

Benefits of Annual Billing: 5 Days Money Back Guarantee

Annual billing gives you the best pricing compared to monthly billing (which is almost 30% higher due to our Payment Processing Partner fees added on top of the licensing cost). An important feature exclusive to Annual Billing is '5 Days Money Back Guarantee' which means You can enjoy premium all features for first 5 days. During this period, If you don't like FolioFusion, we will refund the full amount to you without asking any further questions. More information about this, please visit our website.

Cancelling a Subscription & Disabling Your Account

You can cancel the subscription anytime as you like by sending a request via email to us. Within 24 to 48 hours of time your license will be disabled, your credentials will be suspended and all websites you created will go to deactivated state. We will make sure that no one can access your websites and / or data you own.

Reinstating a Subscription & Recovering Your Account

if you want to re-instate your account within 11 months of your cancellation, simply write to us and we will activate it within 24 hours. After 11 months, your account recovery will be subjective to technical scope as our servers are normally purged to maintain performance and load balancing. In most of the cases we can recover it, but we can't assure you.

Payment Processing & Payment Methods Supported

We have partnered with Gumroad to handle all payment processing within FolioFusion and all payments are implemented with SSL / Secure Connection. To know all about Gumroad's fantastic features, supported payment methods & security measures, please visit their website.


All premium users purchasing annual billing cycles are automatically entitled to our  '5 Days Money Back Guarantee' as explained above. If you need a refund, simply request it via our website. We will process it as soon as possible. For more information, please see our Refund Policy.