Verifying a License and Fetching The Details

Verifying a license can be done anytime via our website. Verifying a license will fetch all information associated with the license, including:

License Information

  • Registered Email ID
  • Total Number Websites Remaining (Applicable only for Multi-Website Licenses)
  • Subscription Cancelled At (If license is cancelled)
  • Subscription Failed At (If license is corrupted)
  • Purchase ID
  • How many times verified

Verifying a license

Simply visit this page and enter the following:
  • Your license key
  • Your FolioFusion username
  • Type of License
Enter these credentials and upon successful verification, a table will be displayed containing your License Information mentioned above.

What if your license termed as corrupted or license verification failed?

If you have a valid license but the verification process throws any error, please don't be panic. We can assure that your website will not be affected by this as long as your license is original and valid. Simply contact our support team, we can surely assist you fix your license issues.