User Accounts, Licenses & Activation

Keeping it simple, FolioFusion concept does not differentiate between user accounts. The platform is free to use for everyone, the only differences are in the type of licenses associated with each website created. Basically there are 2 types of website licenses:
  • Free License
  • Premium License

Free License

Free License is the default setting within FolioFusion where user creates a website under FolioFusion Free URL for example ''. Free URL is automatically created based on your website name, you can't choose it or edit it. FolioFusion user can create any number of Free websites under one account. At the moment we do not restrict the number of pages within Free websites but there is a varying FUP limit on bandwidth consumed per website per day. These restrictions are not applicable on websites having Premium License.

Premium License

You can purchase Premium License to enjoy exclusive features of our platform and connect your custom domain name to any website you created. Premium License is applied per website, not per user account, this means you can create unlimited number of websites under one account and purchase a Premium License for specific websites that you like to have premium features, keeping your Free websites intact. Following are the exclusive features of websites having Premium License:
  • Connect custom domain of your choice (you can use any domain registered anywhere)
  • Professional hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Storage.
  • SSL / Secure Connection (HTTPS Secure Websites) is included free of charge.
  • Exclusive premium templates
  • Priority / dedicated support and assistance from our team.

Using Multi-Website License

FolioFusion licenses are issued when you click 'Upgrade' option for your currently active website that you are working on (that means, the license is issued for the same website loaded in your Live Builder at the time of opting for a license). So if you are new user, you create a website and easily obtain a license to upgrade the website automatically. Done!

But if you own a Multi-Website license, there is a difference. For example, if your license permits 5 premium websites, the website you were creating at the time of purchasing the license will get upgraded instantly after you complete the purchase (exactly as in the case of a single website license). So now your remaining website slots count will be 4 (that is, you have used the first slot for upgrading your current website which happens automatically after you activate your license). From now on, you can upgrade up to 4 websites by simply choosing 'Use Existing License' option instead of buying a new one.  Feels complex? Not at all, just see this video and you will understand it very easily:

Type of Premium Licenses

FolioFusion offers different types of Premium Licenses. We distinguish licenses based on total number of premium websites permitted within each license. For complete details about various Premium Licenses, please see this web page.

Our top level Licenses (Business & Agency) lets you resell your license to clients and charge them as you like. You can create websites for clients and / or you can manage client websites and make money. If you need more information about this, please contact our support team.

Buying More Than One Premium License

Technically it is possible to buy more than one premium license for same user on FolioFusion. Licenses are generated based on your current website, your email ID and your username. So you can buy different license for different websites - it is possible. But we recommend you to buy a Multi-website license and save money if you are planning to create more than one website. You can upgrade from existing license to another one by paying the balance amount only, please see below:

Upgrading / Cross-grading Premium Licenses

You can upgrade from your existing Premium License to a higher option buy paying the additional amount - this is a manual procedure, we will send you the required instructions email. Please contact our support team if you are interested in upgrading / cross-grading.