What is a virtual domain? How can I get one?

What is Virtual Domain?

If you don't own a domain, or if you don't want to purchase one, you can use our virtual domain with 'bz.ci' extension free of charge, for example: 'you.bz.ci' or 'yourbusiness.bz.ci' - Simply connect your desired virtual domain when you publish the website and it will work instantly

Technically speaking, FolioFusion Virtual Domain is a custom branded sub-domain of bz.ci domain (owned by FolioFusion) which can be used for publishing premium user websites. This is free of charge as long as you are subscribed to any of our premium plans.

How can I get a Virtual Domain?

Virtual domain can be used exactly as any other custom domain.

Whenever you publish your website you can enter your desired virtual domain in the format given below:


(the highlighted part as shown above can be replaced with anything as you like for example your name or your business name).

Please  note:  You can get any name that is not allocated to existing users, exactly as it works in the case of real world domain registration process.

If your selected virtual domain is available, it will be connected immediately and your website will be published instantly under this domain - You can visit the website online. There is no DNS or domain setup involved, it is simple!