Best Practices & Toubleshooting

FolioFusion Live Builder is a very advanced publishing platform which efficiently uses some extensive features provided by today's web browsers. Everything is tested and quality checked in all major browsers - we have done our level best to make it perfect by all means. Still, if you face any issues / bugs while you are creating you website, kindly check these points:

Use a good & modern web browser (we love FireFox)

FolioFusion Live Builder will work on all modern browsers, but if you are using a recent version of FireFox browser we can assure you everything will work like a charm. Chrome is not a bad choice, but you must be on latest available version. Do NOT use Internet Explorer if you are not on latest version, it can be a complete disaster.

Use browser with 'Private Window' / 'Incognito Mode' or similar.

Working FolioFusion Live Builder in private mode / incognito mode will make it overall a better experience as browser caching will be minimal.

If something is not published, simply logout and login again!

We know this may feel like a strange bug, but it is not. This scenario is actually caused when your browser cache is messing up with FolioFusion Live Builder's content update instructions. You may know, caching is a technique used by web browsers to store recent data and supply it faster when required. But this is not useful in the case of a content management system such as FolioFusion which carries out dynamic modifications of content whenever user performs the action. Browsers may miss that, even though FolioFusion engine executes it instantly. Long story short, if you think something is not being updated even after you published it, just save your website, logout and login, then load the website again within editor. You will be started exactly from where your browser left your content. Simple!