Website Publishing & Options

How to Publish a Website?

When your new web pages are ready for release, you can publish each of them by loading them to editor and clicking on the Publish button on control panel. This will display Publish menu where you can see the following:

Free URL / Temp URL

You can always publish under a free URL - generated by FolioFusion. Please note, free URL has FUP bandwidth means free URL is not recommended for websites with unusually heavy traffic.

Custom Domain URL

Alternatively you can upgrade to Premium License and connect your own domain and server website under your domain URL, in that case bandwidth will be 100% unlimited and there will not be any limitation. This means, your website will be having Prmeium License (more information is provided in Accounts & License articles)

Buy a New Domain

FolioFusion supports any domain purchased from any registrars, there is no issue about connecting them if you like. Anyway, if you like to purchase a domain from us we can give you a custom email address of your choice, under your own domain, free of cost. Our domain pricing and more details are provided at Our Website

Replacing a Connected Domain:

If you like, you can change your existing domain name that is connected to a website. There is no additional charges for this, you can use it as your convenience.


Editing an Existing Website / Already Published Web Page:

You can simply click on Publish button and the new changes will be published live under your Free URL as well as Custom Domain URL (if one is connected). You can edit your web pages anytime, save them as you like and publish at your convenience.