Setting Up / Managing Navigation Menu

Setting up and managing navigation is done via 'Manage Menu' option found in control panel, as shown below:


This options brings Menu Manager module which contains all the settings and parameters related to your website navigation, a screenshot here:


Menu module features advanced settings which controls each and every properties of your navigation menu, these settings are distributed across tabs, as found below.

  1. You can change layout of menu (with advanced editing options within each menu layout option).
  2. You can control the inner elements visible inside menu.
  3. You can add new navigation items, or remove the existing one if you like.
  4. You can arrange menu items, drag & drop of menu items to change it's position within navigation and create sub menu if you like.
  5. You can control any styling of navigation links, including colors, borders, spacing and margin.
  6. You can assign animations, color and hover effects on links.
  7. And you have Pro Settings (develpoer oriented settings - explained in Part 2 of our Knowledge Base)