Control Panel & Settings Overview

This article is just an overview of control panel of FolioFusion Live Website Builder. Advanced explanations of each section is provided in separate articles in order to serve any direct visitors and SEO visibility (hence keeping our Knowledge Base better organized). In short, FolioFusion Live Builder control panel consists of the following options:

1. Home Menu

The first menu item is 'Home Menu', the FolioFusion Logo (Kite Symbol) acts as the button to open this menu. Once it is opened you can see the following:

You can see your username displayed along with Language Selection option as well as Sign Out button. You can also view all of your created websites from here. All these are self explanatory.

2. Undo & History

FolioFusion stores your recent actions and you can reverse them one by one by accessing Undo button. Click on the drop down and click on the history events listed.

Please note that you have to reverse from top to bottom, means you can't directly go to an intermediate item and reverse from there.

3. Help

Self explanatory. You will be redirected to our support & help portals (this website).

4. Backup

FolioFusion Lets you keep backups of your current website instance. This is to help you restore from a selected backup copy in case if you have made a change that you did not like, or you want to keep versions.

Please note: Backup feature is currently available only for the websites having Commercial License) - This is to prevent abuse of our storage resources. A free user can save unlimited number of copies of their existing website, which works exactly how backups work, but it is manually.

5. Save a Copy

Save a copy of your current website. The system clones the instance and you will be automatically redirected to work on the new copy. This option works same as Backup but you have to manually do it.


6. Preview

This option shows your current website on 3 different views such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone. This way you can examine the responsive layout and make changes accordingly.

Please note: If you like to manually control the layout of your website (especially for adjusting mobile device view) you can hook an additional CSS file via Pro Settings / Custom Code on Header. Being an advanced feature more info about this is provided in Part 2 of our Knowledge Base section.

7. Publish

This is our 'most used' menu item, yes it publishes your current web page. Free users can publish under a FolioFusion Free URL (also known Temp URL) automatically created by system. Premium licensed websites will be published instantly on their custom domain / live website URL.

Publish menu brings some more options (explained in a separate article in our Knowledge Base). Via publish menu, you can buy a new domain or connect existing domain if you have one. Please note, you can buy domain from any registrar and connect the domain to FolioFusion website. Alternatively you can buy domain directly from us - in that case you will get a free email address under your domain (such as [email protected] or anything you choose).

8. Pages

This is our most important menu item. This let's you perform a handful of actions including page management: create, edit, delete, rename and duplicate web pages in your site.

Pages menu brings a handful of additional options including Managing Navigation Menu, Adding a Popup Window and SEO Options. (All these are explained in separate articles found in our Knowledge Base).

9. Settings

Settings menu brings master options for your web page. They include Advanced Page Settings, SEO Settings and Pro Settings. Each of them are explained in separate articles within our Knowledge Base