Managing Your Existing Websites

Existing user can use this link and login directly to their FolioFusion Dashboard from where they can manage websites in their account. Basic operations are:

Current Websites:

Each of the existing websites are listed as a separate block (dark colored blocks, as shown below) like how files and directories are presented in a MacBook. If you like, you can drag & drop these blocks to re-order them as you like, this will be useful in the case of users having many websites under their account.

Renaming a Website

Renaming a website is simple, just replace the name field found under the block. System will detect any text change and save it automatically.


Editing a Website


Click on the block that is having your website name, to load that particular website in FolioFusion Live Builder and further edit it as you like.


Deleting a Website

If you want to permanently delete a website, you can do it by hovering the particular block and double-clicking on the small red 'cross' icon found on top inner portion of the block, (we have kept it in this way to prevent accidental deleting) as shown here: