Creating a New Website in FolioFusion

The process of creating a website starts from selecting an existing template as a starting point.

You can create a new website in 2 ways:

  1. All users can create a new website directly from FolioFusion main website - template selection page.
  2. Existing users can create a new website from their FolioFusion Dashboard.

All of our templates can be easily modified to any kind of websites. Select any template as a starting point and customise any elements and sections as much as you like. FolioFusion comes FusionBlocks - additional set of 200+ fully customisable sections & elements you can integrate to any template.

Once you select a template FolioFusion will load the files and redirect you to FolioFusion Live Website Builder system. You have to create a new account / sign in to existing account in order to access the builder system.

If you are an existing user, you can create a new website from Live Builder System dashboard itself. You will see a web interface to select a web template and you can proceed as explained above. The process is same even if you enter from FolioFusion website or FolioFusion Live Builder dashboard.