Understanding Templates & FusionBlocks

FolioFusion architecture is based on 4 fundamental components: Templates, FusionBlocks, Pages and Websites.



Templates are just predefined websites which can act as a quick starting point for your website creation process. Consider them as fully developed dummy websites that we have created as preset for you. You can start with any template and modify it as much as you like. Basically speaking, you can create any kind of website from any template.


Each template has it's own unique design and layout but you can completely modify it to your tastes and requirements. All of our templates can be easily modified to any kind of websites. Select any template as a starting point and customize any elements and sections as much as you like. This is done with the help of our 200+ FusionBlocks included in the system.



FusionBlocks are fully customisable sections & elements you can integrate to any template. There are three types of FusionBlocks: Elements, Sections and Widgets. Consider them as building blocks for your website. You can combine, modify, stylize, merge, blend and re-position them in any manner as you like.

FolioFusion comes with a set of 200+ fully customisable FusionBlocks that you can integrate to any template. This means, any template can be modified to any style of website. Moreover you can copy any FusionBlock from one website to another website in your account and style them as much as you like. Feeling super cool, right? This is one of the best features of FolioFusion.

There are many different types of FusionBlocks present in FolioFusion, listing all them here will be quite a task, so we recommend you to explore them live by creating a free website.



As all site builders out there, FolioFusion also creates web pages based on your requirements. You can control any page as you like, every page managing features are already implemented in FolioFusion.

FolioFusion treats pages as the integral components of any website architecture. You can't move an entire page from one website to another website unless the whole page consists of a single FusionBlock (as mentioned earlier, you can clone FusionBlocks between your created websites and style them as you like)

FolioFusion creates static pages as well as dynamic pages. Static pages are for everything that demands content presentation, where dynamic pages are used for Blog Publishing, Online Store, Contact Form with Email Sending, Newsletter Signup etc.



Obviously, the website consists of multiple pages linked properly. FolioFusion treats a website as individual property no related to other websites in the platform.

A user can create unlimited number of websites under their account. By default all websites will have Free license associated with them, they are published under Free URL. You can upgrade any website to premium license and connect a custom domain if you like.