Connecting a Domain Name to Your Website

Required: FolioFusion Premium License 

If you already own a domain name registered anywhere and you would like to connect that custom domain to your created website, you can do this by purchasing a FolioFusion Premium License. Once you have completed license activation, connecting your custom domain is a simple two-step procedure as explained below:

Step 1: Link Your Domain

Go to Live Builder and visit your website's publishing options panel where you have to first add your custom domain that you like to connect this website. You can do this within 'Connect Your Existing Domain' option found inside your FolioFusion Dashboard -> Publish settings. Simply add the domain name in the field (without any http:// prefix) and proceed. We have prepared a video guide demonstrating this, please check this video.

Step 2: Setup DNS Records

Go to your Domain Registrar where you bought the domain (or the Domain Service Provider who controls your domain's Name Servers and Zone Files) and make the following 2 changes in your domain's DNS settings (should be found on your domain registrar's control panel): 

Add an A record with the value and keep the Host field as empty. Some domain registrars will not permit empty value on A record, in that case you can add '@' symbol (without single quotes) instead of keeping the field value as blank. If the domain has any other A records present, please delete them.

  • Add a CNAME record with the value (without any http:// prefix) and the Host field containing the value 'www' (without single quotes).

Wait for your new DNS records to be active (normally takes 15 minutes, but some DNS service providers need 24 hours to complete propagation. This time-frame is not having any relation with FolioFusion).

Once DNS records are active, it will let your custom domain connected to your FolioFusion created website automatically.

Additional Note:

FolioFusion comes with integrated SSL (Secure Website). We recommend you to force SSL / HTTPS to all visitors so even if anyone types HTTP in URL, they will be automatically redirected to HTTPS in URL. In order to set this, please read the article given below:

How to Force HTTPS for all visitors on your website?