Creating Your First Website

Starting with FolioFusion is simple.  All users start with a free trial license by default, a free license permits you create unlimited number of websites published under FolioFusion free URL.

Start from Templates

You start by visiting FolioFusion Templates Selection page and simply pick any template that you like. Consider templates as a starting point that has preset layout and readymade design which helps you to build your website that you can later customize to any level as you like. Please note, as FolioFusion features a wide variety of layouts, templates once selected can not be switched entirely but you can modify any elements or sections in the template as you like.

Once you selected a template, the system will navigate you to Live Builder where you can perform advanced editing and styling of your website.

Inside Live Builder

Once you are in the Live Builder you can create new pages, add content, insert images & video and move sections around to create a custom layout. Please watch this video for a basic understanding of FolioFusion Live Builder system and interface features. To get more information, please follow our advanced guides about Live Builder.

Publishing Your Website

Once you are done editing and styling of your website, just publish it under your FolioFusion free URL for a live preview. The system will prompt you to register / login with your credentials. All users are having a default free license permits them to publish websites under FolioFusion free URL only. If you upgrade to premium plans, you can connect your custom domain to created website.

Connecting Your Custom Domain

Connecting custom domain is very easy. First you need to upgrade your website to premium license by choosing 'Upgrade' option in publishing panel. The system will lead you to License Portal where you can select a license type and thereafter proceed to Secure Payment. All premium licenses come as annual subscriptions.  Once payment is completed, you can activate the license instantly, you website will be upgraded immediately and you will be redirected back to Live Builder. You can connect your custom domain thereafter by following this advanced guide.