Can I Change The Template After Creating My Website?

Unfortunately switching between templates is not possible for published websites because each FolioFusion template is highly unique and differently designed than another template. Moreover this solves further complexities when platform architecture and efficiency is considered.

But you can always modify any existing website by adding / removing FusionBlocks as per your requirements. Customizing an existing website is very easy - you have to just drag & drop sections and blocks.

Can I rebuild my website from scratch?

Yes, there is a solution If you need to redesign your existing website entirely from scratch, you can do it by following these steps"

  • Create a new website under your account,
  • Choose any template and setup the content as you like
  • Publish it as a free website and note down the free URL
  • Simply write to us to [email protected] mentioning the free URL of newly published website.

Once we receive your request we will do the following:

  • We will connect your existing domain name to your newly created website. (The website will work instantly, there is no technical delay as your domain is already pointing to our servers)
  • We will deactivate your previous website and by making manual adjustments to your license (We will assign your existing license for newly created website. There will not be any additional costs involved.)